About Music For Peace project

There are two definitions of the word “peace” in the Oxford dictionary:

1. “Freedom from disturbance; tranquility; mental and emotional calm”.

2. “A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended; the state of being free from civil disorder”. “Music for Peace” project (MfP) tries to deal with both of the definitions and sends a number of messages to the audience – musical students and spectators. “Music for Peace” is a charitable musical project, and its mission is to benefit young musicians who live in today’s conflict zones. The “Music for Peace” Project used the convening power of music as a vehicle to maximize the benefits of international and cross-cultural contacts between youth and young adult populations. Through music, MfP aimed to bring individuals from all backgrounds and social statuses together into a relaxed and natural environment.
The Music for Peace Project has been founded by two young Russian musicians, Maria Nemtsova (piano) and Vitaly Vatulya (saxophone).
The concerts and master classes are used to present new challenges to the artists to perform in a variety of settings, traveling to remote lands, giving master classes to young people which are growing in areas of recent conflict, performing in countries with a history of cross-cultural and religious differences.
The main goal is to share knowledge, experience and joy with the audience.

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